• Honoring Charles Davidson

  • Equity Statement

  • Meet the Intern

    We are so happy to welcome a new intern to the team. Sachin has been working hard with the Community team to edit projects, support our volunteer program YourTV, and assisting in our online classes! Here is a little more about Sachin. 

  • Moving Forward Together!

    While the pandemic and calls for racial justice changed our lives forever in 2020, we’ve been quietly working and planning on some big changes at CreaTV San José. At the same time our dedicated staff were pivoting to virtual productions and remote courses, we were also looking towards the future and thinking deeply about how we can better represent the communities we serve.  

  • In House Production

    Great news! We have updated our In House Production services for our current content creators, members, and nonprofits who are trying to get their message out while social distancing. The options range from very basic to advanced and are designed to meet any budget size. Now you can go forth and start creating again!