Eastside Union Youth Training Wraps with Live Cesar Chavez Ceremony
Mar 26, 2019
This winter, CreaTV Sports partnered with the Eastside Union School District to provide training and job exploration through high school sports coverage. Students from Mt. Pleasant and James Lick took to the court and covered basketball and soccer live on CreaTV and YouTube. Luis Costa, our Programming Manager has been working with the students and mentoring them through the process. “It’s really great, we get to give coverage to those who normally wouldn’t have it, and getting to work with students is really rewarding. They get real world experience and get to try out lots of different crew positions.”

To wrap up their educational experience, students will be filming and streaming live The Annual Cesar Chavez Award Ceremony on March 29th from 1:30-2:30pm. The program acknowledges students for their great work through art, writing, and multi-media in addressing the importance of Cesar Chavez. This is the first time the community at large, parents, and students from other schools will be able to watch the program as it happens from the campus of Mt. Pleasant. To watch the live event, check out Comcast Cable channel 28 or visit CreaTV’s YouTube page.

You can check out all of the CreaTV Sports season here. If you're a high school student looking for experience in media production, contact Luis(at)creatvsj.org. This season would not have been possible without the support of the Eastside Union School District's support through Carrier Technology Education.

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