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Wee Share Stories

Children love hearing stories. Bed time stories are crucial, as well as stories throughout the day. The San Jose Public Library took this knowledge and came up with an idea. Early Education Services provides resources and materials for young children. One of their new projects is called Wee Share Stories. This video series is an online story time experience for members of the community who may not always be able to make it to a story time in the actual library.

The public library reached out to CreaTV about 6 months ago with their series idea. They brainstormed how to make sure that they were including everyone in their story time experiences. They realized that many families have working parents, or just can’t get into the library on nights that the library was hosting one of their story times. Wee Share Stories makes sure that all families could be included in this fun evening activity. Ever since then, they have been recording a story and releasing it online. Every week a story is posted to YouTube and the San Jose Public Library Facebook page. They have had parents say that the videos have become part of their weekly routine, which was one of the initial goals of the videos.

Wee Share Stories is now piloting a new program in connection with SVPride called Drag Queen Storytime. This brings inclusivity into the program, which was another goal of the original video series. The intention of this story time is to teach acceptance and inclusivity in an easy and entertaining way; it is all about diversity and fun. The Drag Queen Story time was launched in July and will continue in the long term.

Wee Share Stories, Drag Queen Storytime, and story time in the library all stem from the same learning outcomes and goals. The library wants participants to love and accept themselves. It allows them to build relationships within their family, and it also is a very important part of a child’s growth and development.

The San Jose Public Library has 24 branches in the city, and are always welcoming and ready for people to come in. They want to make sure that people are having enjoyable, positive experiences, so stop in at a branch near you! There are many librarians and people to help you find the right book, magazine, or film for you. And if you have time, stop by the library with your younger sibling, child, niece or nephew, or even the child you nanny for, and tune in for a story time.

To see their work, check out their YouTube Channel!

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