Streaming 28

Classrooms Channel 28

Programming by, and for, the pre-K–12 community in San Jose, such as student newscasts, talk shows, training videos, short films, animation, telecourses, principal’s messages, etc.. Creatv welcomes program submissions.

Tell Us . . .

  1. Does your school or classroom produce any videos?
  2. Do you need access to our video equipment or media training to use video as a tool in the classroom?
  3. Would you like to bring your students to a hands-on tour of a TV station?

How to submit your video . . .

  1. Contact Programming Manager, Luis Costa at (408) 295-8815 ext. 304 or luis.costa(at)
  2. Fill out the Compliance and Playback Request forms

Click here to order a DVD copy of a TV show on Channel 28

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