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[Episode #61: January 2020]

Can you name the person in charge of San Jose’s 6,700 employees and $4.7 billion budget? It’s not the mayor or city council. They set policy for the city but it’s the city manager who carries it out and oversees spending and all but a few city workers, not the mayor and council. The person in charge is Dave Sykes, our guest for Valley Politics this month. He’ll tell us about his job and some of the challenges of managing our fair city, including working with a sometimes deeply divided council. It’s especially important to understand the role of the manager right now because there’s serious talk about replacing our current council-manager form of government with a strong mayor system—and we asked City Manager Sykes what he thinks about that. We also talk with Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters Shannon Bushey about changes in the way we vote that should make it easier and increase voter turnout in the March election. We end the show with news about our plans for the coming year, including election coverage and some changes in our format.

Valley Politics is a fresh and informative perspective on Silicon Valley’s politics and public policy. Each episode features four segments including:

  • Silicon Valley hot topic with guest experts
  • Community News – a briefing from local nonprofit organizations
  • Where Are They Now? – catching up with retired leaders who made a difference in our community
  • People’s Opinion – on-the-street reporter gathers opinions on current topics in different areas


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