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[Episode #58: October 2019]

Forty-four percent of Bay Area residents say they’re thinking about leaving the area and we all have friends who are doing just that. In the October edition of Valley Politics Rachel Massaro, Research Director for Joint Venture Silicon Valley, discusses this “exodus” and whether it constitutes a threat to the Valley. In District News, San Jose Councilmember Pam Foley fills us in on her Cambrian/Pioneer district and then we present Part 2 of our interview with Becky Morgan, the former county supervisor and state senator who was instrumental in getting Highway 85 completed and also made history as the first woman to wear trousers in the state legislature.

Valley Politics is a fresh and informative perspective on Silicon Valley’s politics and public policy. Each episode features four segments including:

  • Silicon Valley hot topic with guest experts
  • Community News – a briefing from local nonprofit organizations
  • Where Are They Now? – catching up with retired leaders who made a difference in our community
  • People’s Opinion – on-the-street reporter gathers opinions on current topics in different areas


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