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Studio Mogul $15,000-$20,000

SDI Week 5: A Bitter Sweet End

The final week of the Summer Documentary Institute is now over. We are so sad that we won’t get to see all of our amazing students and interns every day anymore, but we know they learned so much and can’t wait for them to come back and visit!

This week consisted of a lot of editing, perfecting the documentaries and organizing the event for Friday. On Thursday, the students did a practice run of presenting their documentaries and showed them to the group. They then touched up the documentaries for the premiere.

I got to sit down with the SDI students for the last time and ask them a few questions about their experience. Sally, Jovanni and Andres made the documentary, Enchanted Roots. I asked them what the number one thing they learned during SDI was. Sally said she learned so much about shooting and editing as well as sound and angles. She also learned how to interact and engage with people, especially in this group setting and when they had to interview people.

Jovanni explained that he learned how to “create a message that is impactful to people and to encourage people to come together.” He also said he gained a lot of perseverance. I also asked them what they want the audience to take away from the documentary. Jovanni said “San Jose is a huge family that can get along with each other and figure out ways to connect culturally and in a society.”

I also talked to Jocelynn and Natalie who created the documentary Retener la Communidad. Natalie mentioned that the number one thing she learned from SDI was “how not to be shy.” She wants people to takeaway from her documentary that “Not all communities have it easy but at least they are doing something about it.”

Friday July 26th, was the documentary screening and it went incredibly well. The SDI students were so passionate and their documentaries were wonderful. The audience loved the documentaries and they truly impacted everyone at the event. After the documentaries premiered, the interns did a Q & A about the documentaries they created. Someone asked the students if they would go back and work with the non-profits they interviewed. Jovanni had an amazing answer and said “I just want things to go back to the way they were when we were kids” because the world has gotten more violent and worse environmentally. He wants to go back to the non-profits to make a positive change in our current world.

The final question was about what the students wanted to make films about in the future. Jocelynn explained that she is very passionate about immigration and Sally said she really wants to bring awareness to plastic waste and the environment. The SDI interns were truly impacted by their 5 weeks of work at CreaTV and this really shined through the premiere. We can’t wait to see the amazing work they will do in the future and we know that each of them will help change the world due to their fantastic filmmaking talents.

If you weren’t able to attend feel free to check out the footage of the event.

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