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SDI Week 3: B-Rolling Along

We are now half way through the Summer Documentary Institute and our students are working incredibly hard to create their first documentaries. SDI has taught them how to operate camera and audio equipment to capture footage and this week they will be learning how to edit to finish creating their documentaries.

Our students have been working really hard on their documentaries. They have been using an immense amount of teamwork to work on story boards, ideas, and filming. They interviewed volunteers and members of the non-profits SOMOS Mayfair, Veggielution and Open Space Authority on the impact they make on San Jose communtiies. On Tuesday 7/9, the interns headed out of the studios and went on a field trip to get some B-roll and do some location scouting for their interviews.

Natalie and Jocelynn went to Somos Mayfair. As Natalie explained, “the filming went very well”. She thought of her artistic vision and planned out shots she wanted to do beforehand with her partner Jocelynn. They captured B-roll of the Mayfair community center, the nearby skate park and the Cesar Chavez sign. They also went to the to the abandoned community center that has been shut down and boarded up due to lack of funding. Their experience will be very helpful in telling the story of SOMOS Mayfair.

Andres talked about his personal connection to SOMOS Mayfair. When he was younger, he went to the school next to the community center so he would often pass by SOMOS Mayfair. He mentioned how it was only one dollar to go in. It was an amazing place to hang out with his friends, play basketball, ping pong, play in the park and experience a fantastic community. Because of his personal experience he is really excited to see what his fellow interns will do with their documentary.

Jovanni, Andres and Sally went to Veggielution to capture their B roll and location scout for interviewing on the farm at Emma Prusch Farm Park, the land where Veggielution is located. This opened their eyes even more to what Veggielution does and the impact they make. They mentioned that they saw not only the farm but also, animals, the kids play area, places you can do yoga, and lots of peacocks. They got a lot of footage of the farm, kids, playground, animals and so much more. They can’t wait to share it in their documentary.

Then on Thursday and Friday, the students took what they learned and interviewed people involved in these two organizations.

So much progress was made this week on the documentaries. The interns are learning an immense amount. They cannot wait to share their documentaries with you at the premiere with a Q&A with the filmmakers on July 26 from 6:30-7:30! Follow us on Instagram @creatv to keep updated with our interns and follow @veggielution and @somosmayfair to learn more about their work!

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