SDI Week 2: Getting to work!
Jul 09, 2019
Week 2 is in full swing here at the summer documentary institute. The seven interns (5 from SJ Works and two CreaTV interns) have been incredibly creative and hard working this week. Everyone is becoming more acclimated to their schedule and surroundings as well as bonding with new friends. They have gained a lot of inspiration from the media showcases they have been doing. Every day, a student brings in a piece of media that means something to them. This inspires them to do what they are doing and to keep creating meaningful media. The youth have also been working to figure out the plans for their documentaries: what it will be on, the format, storyboard, interviews they will do and research they will have to conduct.

Tuesday was a day full of hard work and pre pre production outlines and preparation. Sally, Jovanni and Andres were working in a group together to prepare their pre production. In their first week with SDI they mentioned how they learned so much that was already helping them. They learned how to use audio, correctly use a camera and the difference between B roll and A roll. They also talked about how much vlogging was impacting them. Jovanni was saying that vlogging is a pretty different experience. He was not necessarily uncomfortable at first while filming but it was something he had never experienced before. He enjoys vlogging a lot and is excited to map his growth over the next five weeks and to be able to use the vlogs to look back on his experience.

All of the students are incredibly excited to get started on working with the non profits. Sally mentioned how passionate she is about the Eastside. It is often seen as a broken community in San Jose but many people in that area feel very differently. She wants to use this project to fix aspects of this population and hopes this will help it grow. Andres mentioned that he is most passionate about working with Mayfair. Somos Mayfair is a nonprofit who works towards making sure families have access to everything especially leadership and community opportunities. They strive to uplift and impact families and all people. The group also went to Veggielution this week. Veggielution is a farm that has been around since 2008. They are unique and have a community farm model that encourages volunteers to farm and grow healthy crops. The crops grown there are available to program volunteers and local residents. The interns got to work at the farm as well as collect footage and gain a better understanding of what Veggielution does to help them create their documentary.

SDI is already going by very fast. The wonderful, passionate filmmakers are working to make the best documentaries possible and we can’t wait to see the work they create!

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