Support CreaTV

As CreaTV San Jose continues to serve the community and provide a voice for schools, non-profits and residents through our community media center, our organization is working hard to meet our annual fundraising goal of $250,000.

We depend on community members, who believe in the power of locally controlled media and access to digital tools & training for all, to help us reach our goal and to ensure that no one gets left behind, as technology continues to play a more critical role in our everyday lives.

By investing in CreaTV, you enable us to continue to provide low cost production services to non-profits, manage four community cable channels, provide low-cost media training to kids through our summer media camps and offer affordable professional development for artists, producers and the unemployed seeking a new career path.

No matter which path you take, you are investing in our community’s voice, empowering our citizenry to tell their stories through the power of media.

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