VIP Circle Levels and Benefits

Actor $250-$499

Star $500-$999

A-Lister $1,000-$2,499

Director $2,500-$4,999

Producer $5,000-$9,999

Executive Producer $10,000-$14,999

Studio Mogul $15,000-$20,000

Interns at CreaTV San Jose

Summer is the time when students of all ages take on jobs and internships. It is that time of year at CreaTV! We offer four different types of internships: marketing, production, programming, and community media. These four categories ensure that each intern is doing something fun and exciting, but also can work with other interns on certain tasks.

The marketing internship is exactly what it sounds like. There are different responsibilities all relating to the brand and marketing the organization. I am the Marketing Intern this summer, and I have taken on tasks such as creating flyers and cover photos and writing blog posts, like this one. This summer there has been a lot of work on the brand, which has been an exciting and educational experience for me.

The Community Media intern is a brand-new internship being offered by CreaTV. The responsibilities of this internship are being discovered as we go through the summer. Anjali is our Community Media Intern this summer. At this point, this internship involves planning a community program for the summer, as well as finding out where we need to serve more.

Both Anjali and I are college students looking for work experience in our fields of interest. However, the Production Interns, Henry and Brianna, found CreaTV through a program called Strive San Jose. This organization was established in 2016 and connects local high school students to work-based learning experiences.

The production interns help in the studio and with field shoots, as well as work on their own projects. The programming intern, Miles, has had the task of learning how programming at CreaTV works. He has also gotten to work with the production interns on creating fun projects. This summer their focus has been on creating projects around the 10th anniversary of CreaTV. To give you an idea of what they have been up to, check out the video below.

There are so many different types of opportunities for high school and college students at CreaTV! The summer can be a great time to get some experience under your belt, and CreaTV is a great environment to do so. If you are thinking about an internship for the summer, or even during the school year, head to the intern and volunteer page and check out all the internships have to offer!

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