Hello San Jose!
Nov 03, 2016
I am so thrilled to introduce myself to the San Jose community as the new CEO of CreaTV. I first stepped into a public access center in 1990 as a teenager and could not have imagined that it would eventually lead me here. To me, there is nothing more important than someone having the ability to speak and be heard. Sharing stories is how we learn about the world around us and how we gain an understanding of the many cultures and issues in our community.

I come to CreaTV with a deep commitment to making this organization a community hub for media and technology that changes people’s lives. As technology evolves and trends shift, so must the organization, making sure that we stay relevant and effective. Through all of our work, we must also be rooted in social justice values, assuring that those in our community, who are not heard, can be. As my colleagues from the Center for Media Justice say so eloquently, “There are no voiceless people, there are only people who haven't been heard yet.”

I look forward to serving the San Jose community and continuing to help make our media and technology landscape something every one of us can harness for positive social change.

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