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Don’t Miss Latino Focus!

Have you had a chance to watch one of our newest Silicon Valley Channel 30 series, Latino Focus?

Latino FocusLatino Focus, is the show that honors the presence of the Latino community in San Jose. Each episode features an interview with a community leader, a cultural performance, an exploration into a local restaurant’s cuisine, an arts and culture segment, and more!

In its premiere episode, Latino Focus host Javier Gonzalez interviews Julissa Ramirez of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and discussed the flavors of Peru with Freddy Pereira of Isabella’s Restaurant. The show also featured Elba Raquel Romo and Roberto Romo from the school of arts & culture and a performance by Mambonova.

The rich variety of information, guests, and performances that this show brings is what makes Latino Focus a great show to watch. In just 30-minutes you can learn about an important community organization and a delicious new restaurant or style of cuisine to experience. Future episodes include performances from Brazilian drum and flamenco guitar players and guests from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Silicon Valley, and the Gardner Family Health Network just to name a few.

Latino Focus

Viviana LeijaLatino Focus is produced here at CreaTV studios in downtown San Jose by Viviana Leija-Sysak. She is a TV producer and visual artist born in Mexico City. With a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB), her artistic work has been exposed in many venues, mostly in Mexico and USA. She has worked in the TV industry directing, producing, hosting, editing and animating shows and spots for several TV stations and production companies.

Javier Gonzalez, host, is a CreaTV Board Member and the director of local government affairs for the California Restaurant Association. Prior to joining the CRA, Javier worked for local and state policymakers developing and implementing legislation, projects, and outreach strategies that improved the community. He also spent several years working in the nonprofit and education sectors. He serves on the board of directors for several nonprofit organizations focused on serving communities in Santa Clara Valley

If you missed the premiere episode, you can watch it on-demand via our website here.

Latino Focus airs every Thursday at 7PM PST and Monday 10:30PM PST.
New episodes air the first Thursday of every month.

Channel: Silicon Valley Channel 30
Established: September 2014
Duration: 30 minutes / 12-episode series
Schedule: Thursday 7PM PST & Monday 10:30PM PST

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