VIP Circle Levels and Benefits

Actor $250-$499

Star $500-$999

A-Lister $1,000-$2,499

Director $2,500-$4,999

Producer $5,000-$9,999

Executive Producer $10,000-$14,999

Studio Mogul $15,000-$20,000

Doc In, Doc Out

This spring, CreaTV offered a crash course in documentary filmmaking called Doc In, Doc Out. Anyone in San Jose was encouraged to apply. From the dozens of applications received, five participants were selected. During the 6-week course, they received free training in basic documentary production and they co-produced a mini documentary with the CreaTV crew. The participants selected Red Ladder Theatre Company, a local arts non-profit organization, to be highlighted in their mini-doc.

Doc In, Doc Out taught the cohort of budding documentarians the importance and impact of storytelling in media creation. Storytelling gives people who are often unheard and underrepresented an opportunity to tell their authentic stories. Another key objective of the course was to not only train participants on the technical components of documentary filmmaking, but also to train them on the creative aspects as well.

Throughout the course, the participants learned how to use CreaTV’s camera equipment and software. Some of the participants had a basic understanding of iMovie,  but only a few had experience of working with any type of professional production tools. In fact, most had never worked with production cameras or edit programs, so Doc In, Doc Out was an exciting opportunity for them.

At the completion of the course and mini-doc, CreaTV hosted a screening of the documentary live on air, as well as in the studio, to showcase what the participants had learned and created. The group discussed how they learned about storytelling and how they wish to use their new skills in the future. Telling the world someone else’s story can be very challenging, but according to the participants, CreaTV did a great job of teaching them how to do so.

The response to Doc In, Doc Out from participants and staff has been very positive. In a survey sent out after the course, all the participants expressed their interest in learning additional skills like editing, lighting, and film media. Watch for more opportunities like Doc in, Doc Out to explore your creativity and get engaged with CreaTV San Jose!

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