Changing of the Guard
Dec 17, 2013
On November 20, CreaTV San Jose held its 5th Annual Meeting, where our board typically celebrates new members and a new board chair is named. For the last several years, Former City Councilwoman Charlotte Powers has been at the helm of our board and has seen us through a multitude of new programs, a growing staff and evolving strategic plan. Hard to imagine that when she came on as chair, we had half the staff we do now. Whew.

Charlotte has been a champion of our youth media programs over the years. In particular, I can remember when the Media Access Program (MAP) was first discussed at a committee meeting. I threw out to the group that we should consider granting equipment to schools in exchange for videos for the education channel. Charlotte was enthusiastically supportive, and worked tirelessly along with other committee members in building the process for the MAP grants. Two years later, 9,400 kids have used the gear or been featured in videos made with the gear that CreaTV granted to seventeen schools. Pretty amazing.

Charlotte has contributed many, many hours to the CreaTiVe Awards as well… handling front of house logistics and catering for our gala. As Chair, Charlotte is in our facility frequently - whether to sign checks or attend one of many committee meetings. As Executive Director, I’m so grateful for her absolute loyalty and commitment to CreaTV. We’re tremendously lucky to have had her at the helm during our “growing years” as a young non-profit.

Next up: Chair-Elect Michael Elliott. Michael’s day job is at the VMC Foundation as a  fundraiser. We know this skill set, along with his tremendous charisma and passion for community media, will come in handy as we embark on our new three year strategic plan! Stay tuned…

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