Bay Voice Ch 27

On May 15, 2015, College Channel 27 became Bay Voice Channel 27, a first-of-its-kind regional community education channel that serves 400,000 Comcast Cable subscriber households in 15 cities in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Three community centers — CreaTV San Jose, KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media, Mountain View and Midpeninsula Community Media Center, Palo Alto — joined forces to co-curate Channel 27, which features interesting and meaningful content from local college partners, including Evergreen, West Valley, Mission, San Jose City and San Jose State, as well as thematic programming covering politics, civic engagement and the arts.

CreaTV San Jose welcomes submission of any non-commercial videos that are by and for the college community, such as student newscasts, talk shows, training videos, short films, feature films and documentaries, animation, telecourses, conferences, forums and more!


  • Do any of your departments produce videos?
  • Do you need access to our video equipment or media training to use as a teaching tool?
  • Would you like to bring your students to a hands-on tour of a TV station?


  • Turn in a DVD or Mini DV to Programming Manager Luis Costa at
    CreaTV San Jose, 255 West Julian St, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95110
  • Fill out the Compliance and Playback Request forms online
  • Watch your videos on College Channel 27!


CLICK HERE to order a DVD copy of a TV show on Channel 27


Live Streaming is not available for College Channel 27
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