Community Ch 15

Community Channel 15 programming is available to 150,000 Comcast Cable households in San Jose and parts of Campbell and via live stream and video on demand on this website.

Community Channel 15 – The Public Channel

San Jose residents, organizations and businesses, who are CreaTV San Jose members, can submit non-commercial videos for airing on Channel 15. Airtime is always free.

Channel 15 is TV “by the community for the community.” Channel 15 airs local, non-commercial, member-produced videos that educate, express views and expose talents to the San Jose community and beyond. Currently, Community Channel 15 has 130 member producers with shows in ten different languages — more than any other public access TV center in California.

You can use CreaTV’s video production facilities and equipment to make your show or you can submit something you’ve created. If you have a video that you would like to submit for airing, fill out the Compliance and Playback Request forms. Then send in, or drop off, your video to:

Luis Costa, Programming Manager
CreaTV San Jose
255 West Julian Street, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95110

If you would like to air a half-hour or hour series on Channel 15, please contact Luis Costa at 408-295-8815 ext: 304 or luis(at)

For more information on using CreaTV’s equipment to make a video or a TV show, contact Operations Manager, Mickey Beese at 408-295-8815 x: 305 or mickey.beese(at)

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