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[Episode #34: October 2017]

Do you know what “NIMBY” means? It stands for Not In My Back Yard and refers to the common urban phenomenon of residents opposing new development in their communities because of concerns like traffic congestion or high-density housing.

But recently, a new “YIMBY” movement has emerged, and people in the Valley are saying YES to new projects, including mixed-use, transit-oriented development, as an answer to our ongoing housing crisis. Alex Shoor of Catalyze SV and Michael Tsai of South Bay YIMBY join us in the studio to help us understand this movement.

In Community News, Imelda Rodriguez briefs us on the work of CommUniverCity San José and in Where Are They Now, Part One of our interview with Tom McEnery, who served as San Jose’s mayor from 1983 to 1991.

Valley Politics is a fresh and informative perspective on Silicon Valley’s politics and public policy. Each episode features four segments including:

  • Silicon Valley hot topic with guest experts
  • Neighborhood News – City Council members and elected officials give updates on their districts and the city in general
  • Where Are They Now? – catching up with retired leaders who made a difference in our community
  • People’s Opinion – on-the-street reporter gathers opinions on current topics in different areas


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