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[Episode #59: November 2019]

DANG stands for Diridon Area Neighborhood Group—a coalition of neighborhoods around San Jose’s Diridon Station where BART, High Speed Rail and Google are coming. Leaders Kathy Sutherland and Laura Winter share their concerns about the impact of these projects and reveal the goals of DANG. Are they NIMBYs who want to stop the projects or are they looking for feasible ways to mitigate the impact of these developments? Then Johnny Khamis tells us what’s going on in his Almaden council district and on ‘Where Are They Now?’ Dianne McKenna talks about her years on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors—a time when women constituted a majority of the Board.

Valley Politics is a fresh and informative perspective on Silicon Valley’s politics and public policy. Each episode features four segments including:

  • Silicon Valley hot topic with guest experts
  • Community News – a briefing from local nonprofit organizations
  • Where Are They Now? – catching up with retired leaders who made a difference in our community
  • People’s Opinion – on-the-street reporter gathers opinions on current topics in different areas


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