Youth Programs

CreaTV San Jose teaches digital media skills to San Jose youth at our studios and supports educational programs in the San Jose community at elementary, middle and high schools and through corporate community-based educational initiatives.

Since July 1, 2008, we have served 20,000+ young people through a variety of youth programs.

iCreaTV Summer Video Camp

At iCreaTV Summer Video Camp, students 10-18 years old learn how to make a video in the TV studio and in the field, in two different sessions, from expert instructors. Session One teaches TV Studio Production and Session Two, Field Production. Students may register for one or both. Each session runs for two weeks. At the end of each session, the students and their families are treated to a video premiere pizza party. All students videos air on Classrooms Channel 28.

Session One: TV Studio Production
Students learn how to produce a TV show in a professional studio environment, with three high definition cameras and switcher, lighting board, and instructions in technical directing, floor managing and hosting.

Session Two: Field Production
Students learn the basics of how to make a short video in the field on professional high-definition cameras, including storytelling, scriptwriting, camera operation, audio, lighting and digital editing.

CreaTV’s Media Access Project (MAP) Grant

In 2011, CreaTV San Jose allocated $500,000 of funds, restricted for equipment purchases, to procure video equipment, computers and software for 16 San Jose elementary, middle and high schools. In exchange for the equipment and training, each school produced a thirty-minute program that aired on CreaTV’s PreK-12 Channel, Classrooms 28 on Comcast.

In its first two-year cycle, the MAP Grant Program impacted more than 9,600 San Jose youth.

In March 2013, CreaTV San Jose announced the launch of the second cycle of the MAP Grant. All elementary, middle and high schools, whether public, private or charter in San Jose, were invited to apply for this exciting opportunity to be outfitted with digital media equipment, computers and software for a two-year period, beginning fall of 2013.

On April 29, 2013, CreaTV awarded fourteen San Jose schools—five elementary, four middle and five high schools—digital media equipment that was delivered to the schools in time for the fall 2013 school term. The winning middle and high schools received field or studio kits valued at $50,000 each. The elementary schools received field camera kits valued at $5,000 each. In exchange, schools produce half-hour TV shows every month that air on CreaTV San Jose’s Classrooms Channel 28 on Comcast and on CreaTV’s website

Educational Ecosystem

Since 2012, CreaTV San Jose has provided digital media training and support to four Xilinx Educational Ecosystem schools in San Jose: Ida Price Middle School, Leigh High School, Branham High School and Union Middle School.

The Studio

In the fall of 2012, thanks to the support of the Adobe Foundation and 1stAct Silicon Valley (now SV Creates), eight digital media sites in the South Bay began hosting classes and production opportunities for at-risk teens. Videos produced by youth at The Studio sites — music videos, mini-documentaries, PSAs — air on Classrooms Channel 28. CreaTV San Jose provided video production equipment for several of these sites, ensuring that teens have state of the art music recording and video production equipment at their disposal.

Youth Voice Initiative

San Jose is one of six cities in the country to receive funds to create a Youth Voice Initiative, providing youth feedback to city leadership and a media strategy around gang prevention. Spearheaded by the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force, CreaTV San Jose was charged with guiding the group of youth leaders to create a television series using San Jose’s cable channels and online youth hotspots as a distribution method. Youth participants are producing a series of thirty-minute talk shows interviewing city staffers, former gang members and other guests with vital information to contribute to the gang prevention conversation. The series premiered on Classrooms Channel 28 in 2013.

On August 13, 2012, representatives from the White House (Departments of Justice, Education, and Housing) meet at CreaTV San Jose to learn more about the program the youth are producing in our studios.

Internship Program

CreaTV San Jose hosts interns video production and marketing interns from high schools and colleges throughout the greater Bay Area. Production interns learn field camera, digital editing and studio skills during their semester long commitment with the media center, and produce content for airing on CreaTV’s cable channels. Marketing interns assist the membership and marketing director with multi-ethnic community outreach and social media campaigns. For more information about CreaTV’s production internship program, contact Volunteer and Training Coordinator, Alejandra Moreno at 408.295.8815 ext: 321 or email alejandra.moreno(at) For more information about the marketing internship program, contact Membership and Marketing Director Pam Kelly at 408.295.8815 ext: 307 or email pam.kelly(at)

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