Founded in 2007, CreaTV San Jose is a member-based, non-profit community media center that helps the residents, businesses, schools and organizations in San Jose to effectively communicate their message to a broader audience using our public and education television and Internet channels.

Our Mission

CreaTV fulfills its mission to inspire, educate and connect San Jose communities, using media to foster civic engagement, by providing the free airtime and the low-cost training and tools that allow diverse and often under-served communities to tell their stories and express their views through video.

Our Members

CreaTV San Jose invites San Jose residents, businesses, schools and organizations to become members and take advantage of our video production facilities, equipment and media training available at our community media center in downtown San Jose.

Members have access to production equipment, studios and support staff to make a non-commercial video for San Jose’s cable access and CreaTV’s web channels. Airtime is free.

Our Channels

All four channels are available to 150,000 Comcast Cable subscribers in San Jose and parts of Campbell. Community Channel 15, Classrooms Channel 28 and Silicon Valley Channel 30 are also available via live stream and video on demand on this website. Limited programming on College Channel 27 is also available via video on demand on this website.

  • Community Channel 15
  • Bay Voice Channel 27 – regional community education channel
  • Classrooms Channel 28: prekindergarten through twelfth grade
  • Silicon Valley Channel 30

Our Resources

Examples of classes available to CreaTV members:

  • Studio and Field Production
  • Flypack
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Main Studio and Control Room
  • Robotic Camera Studio
  • Adobe After Effects


Equipment and facilities available to CreaTV members:

  • HD Field Camera Packages (tripods, microphones, mixers, lights, etc.)
  • Three-Camera HD Studio A (600 sq. ft.)
  • Studio B (one to two guest maximum)
  • Portable Studio (Flypack)
  • Four Onsite Editing Suites
  • Three Portable Editing Suites
  • Conference Rooms
Class Schedule