Outlook Video

Producer / Resident Sponsor: Kim Lawson


Project: Outlook Video


Length: 00:28:32
Outlook Video
Produced by Kim Lawson
Outlook Video
Project Description
Outlook Video is a award winning, half-hour monthly LGBT magazine format talk show. The scope of topics and events covered by Outlook Video reflect the diversity of our community. Regular show segments of Outlook Video include reviews and clips of Gay/Lesbian/Transgender films, studio interviews highlighting Gays and Lesbians in the performing, literary, and visual arts, interviews with health professionals, commentaries on current issues, 'mini' fashion shows, and various field reports. Field report projects have included Gay Pride events throughout California, Casto Street Fair, Folsom Street Fair, the Bay Area Regional Gay Rodeo, 1993 March on Washington, Gay Games, Stonewall 25 and Gay Pride festivals in other countries.
28  minutes, 32  seconds
iCreatv 2018 Sumer Media Camp