Coyotes And Rabbits

Producer / Resident Sponsor: Hector Armienta


Project: Coyotes And Rabbits


Length: 00:29:56
Coyotes And Rabbits
Produced by Hector Armienta
Coyotes And Rabbits
Project Description
Hector Armienta has adapted one of the oldest Mexican folk tales known, The Coyote and the Rabbit, and turned into a lesson about the value of an education. It is told by two mischievous but well intentioned rabbits known as Chiquita and Banana. The story begins when a young Coyote, named Scrawny, is visited by his cousin, Loco. When Loco finds out that Scrawny is learning how to read, something no decent Coyote would ever do, Loco has made it his mission to set his cousin on the ?right path?. What follows are a series of misadventures, due to Loco?s inability to read and his ignorance. In the end, Scrawny realizes that an education is the key to long and fruitful life.
29  minutes, 56  seconds
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